Alumni Spotlight

Yassin Knocke
Yassin Knocke

Name: Yassin Knocke

Current Employment: Associate at JP Morgan (Investment Banking, New York)

Wharton Graduation Year: 2014

Favorite WASA Memories:

  1. Having the honor to serve as the president of a diverse Executive Board that was passionate and determined to start a lot of new initiatives to ensure that WASA gets the recognition, on campus and beyond, that it deserves.
  2. Celebrating a successful WABF 2013 with my mum at the conference after party.

Advice to Current Students:

You have two amazing years ahead of you. This sounds like a lot of time, but time will fly by quickly. Make sure that you graduate knowing what you are truly passionate about, knowing which career would fulfill you. If you do not have a passion for your career, there will be people around you who do and therefore are willing to work harder than you. When you get a chance, you should watch the following video about “Fulfilling Careers” by Prof. Alex Edmans. Prof. Edmans was the best and most inspiring professor that I had at Wharton. He works at LBS now.