WABF: A Poster Child for Multicultural Diversity at Wharton

Salamu kutoka Wharton! (Swahili for ‘Greetings from Wharton’)

Tiffany Gooden, Director of Recruitment & Admissions at The Wharton School, describes the Wharton Africa Business Forum as a conference that ‘highlights one of Wharton’s greatest assets: the diversity of the student body’. The piece is showcased on the Wharton MBA Admission Blog and features a post from the Admission Committee.

Full article: Multicultural Diversity at Wharton

Prospective students with a background or strong interest in Africa can reach out to the WASA Executive Committee for support and advice here.

WASA is a student-led club of the Wharton Graduate Association and the focal point for Africa-related activities at the Wharton School. Our members are MBA students from Africa, as well as students interested in the continent. Building on the strengths of its diverse and strong community of members, WASA offers a variety of educational and cultural events, career and networking opportunities, and academic support to its members.