Tola Sunmonu Delivers Inspirational Commencement Speech

WASA is very proud of our 2015-2016 President, Tola Sunmonu who delivered a rousing speech at the Wharton MBA 2016 Commencement Celebration. The entire world witnessed Tola’s passion and visionary leadership, gifts that the members of WASA have enjoyed as she elevated our club to new heights this past academic year. Tola recently shared some insights about her Wharton experience in a blog post for WASA. Her speech begins at approximately 56:45. Enjoy!

WASA is a student-led club of the Wharton Graduate Association and the focal point for Africa-related activities at the Wharton School. Our members are MBA students from Africa, as well as students interested in the continent. Building on the strengths of its diverse and strong community of members, WASA offers a variety of educational and cultural events, career and networking opportunities, and academic support to its members.