Frequently Asked Questions

What does WASA do?
WASA is the focal point for Africa-related activities at the Wharton School. Building on the strengths of its diverse and strong community of members, WASA offers a variety of educational and cultural events, career and networking opportunities, and academic support to its members.
What Africa related classes does Wharton offer?
The two direct Africa related courses at Wharton are the Global Modular Courses in Rwanda and South Africa. Please see here and here for more information.
How does Wharton compare to other business schools?
Unfortunately, this is a question you will have to answer through your own research. While we are happy to discuss our experiences at Wharton, we do not feel qualified to compare Wharton to business schools that we have not attended.
How does WASA compare to Africa Clubs at other business schools?
We do not feel qualified to make this comparison, but are happy to discuss our experiences with WASA. One area which we can comment on is the place in history that our annual conference, WABF has, by being the first African focused conference implemented by a business school’s MBA class.
What African companies recruit at Wharton?
Many African companies recruit at Wharton via formal and informal recruiting. Past African companies, or those with African offices, have included Standard Chartered, IFC, McKinsey, Bain, BCG, IBM, Clinton Health Initiative Access and Dalberg. Wharton also has a large alumni network working in Africa.
Does WASA lend support to prospective students?
We are happy to support those who are applying to Wharton. Feel free to reach out to our prospective student representative Ramsey Baker via with questions and check out our Prospective Students page for more information.